Lesson Plan

New Wave Kiteboarding, Lesson Plan

Intro to kiting 
-Learn to identify a safe launch area
-Learn to identify wind speed, direction and quality
-Fly a trainer kite and practice a release
-Discover the clock system
-Fly the edge of the window
-Low, med and high wind power strokes
-Simulated body drag
-Simulated water start
-Basic meteorology
-Set up a inflatable kite
-Determining kite size
-Simulated release
-Fly inflatable kite
-Perform a release
-Simulated self rescue

Intro to kiting – water segment 

-Right of way and kite boarding ethics
-Water re-launches
-Body dragging upwind and one-handed kite control
-Body dragging down wind using a high wind power stroke
-Board recovery simulation
-Water starts both directions
-Parking the kite
-Perform a self landing/self rescue

Board control 
-Advanced edging and body position
-Apparent wind
-Kite placement/harmonizing body, board and kite position
-Turning and transitions
-Practice going upwind
-Equipment tuning and maintenance

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