Wakeboarding Lessons

New Wave Kiteboarding offers two styles of Wakeboarding Lessons

(Wake Style & Kiteboarding Oriented)

1) Wakeboarding lessons:

Using top of the line gear from Ronix Wakeboard’s, these lessons areWakeboarding lessons oriented for beginner through intermediate riders who want to learn to properly ride behind a boat.

Subject’s may include: First time water starts, Riding toe side, Crossing the wake, Generating pop, Jumping the wake, Transitions, and Basic tricks.

2) Kiteboarding oriented Wakeboard lessons:

We use both the Latest gear from Wainman Hawaii Kiteboards and Ronix Wakeboards to improve your board skills when the wind is down. This also gives the rider the opportunity to focus on his/her board skills with out the need to worry about what the Kite is doing.

These lessons are taught with Kiteboarding in mind, as the proper stance, body position and board control slightly differs from traditional Wakeboarding.

Subject’s include:

Beginner- Basic Water starts, Proper edging, Board control, Transitions and Body position

Intermediate- Riding toe side, Creating pop/Learning to jump, Basic rotations

Advanced- Rotations, Flips and Handle Passes


Wakeboarding Rates:

Rate includes all Equipment and Fuel charge

– Private lessons; Hourly Rate of $150 (1 hour minimum)

– Each additional person is $10 an hour (up to 5 people)


Serving West Palm Beach & Stuart FL