Why you should learn from New Wave Kiteboarding


  • Learn first hand from professionally sponsored riders with over 10,000 hours of coaching experience. We don’t just do this part time like many other outfits. This is our full time job and passion! We have brought a new level of professionalism to this industry and have experience coaching every type of student from 1st timers to other professionally sponsored riders. 
  • Offering both private and group lessons, New Wave Kiteboarding llc. takes pride in offering a program that is both safe and exciting. We teach in areas that are favorable for learning. Beginners are taught in flat, waist high water located on local sandbars not the open ocean. Our lesson location alone can take days off of the learning curve.
  • New Wave Kiteboarding proudly teaches on the latest top of the line equipment from Cabrinha Kiteboarding. We provide all of the equipment needed to comfortably learn this amazing sport, including booties, wet suits and Kiteboarding specific eyewear from Kurtis surf goggles. We rotate our equipment every 6 months so we always have the best!
  • New Wave Kiteboarding is not a retail store. We are 100% focused on teaching not selling. We are here to help you become comfortably adept to the highly addictive sport of Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing. When you are ready to make your first gear purchase, we will help you make an educated decision on the equipment that is right for you!
  • We use UHF radio helmets for constant and clear communication between the instructor and student. 
  • Lead Instructors are certified, insured and licensed to teach the sport of Kiteboarding.
  • Lead Instructors are USCG Certified Captains. Chase boat support and transport is offered with each lesson.
  • Lead Instructors are certified by worlds leading Kiteboarding organizations
  • Patent Pending Lesson Program

Serving West Palm Beach & Stuart FL