Q & A

Is there an age limit? No, however students must be at least 70 pounds.

What are the dangers? Like any sport it is only dangerous if you are careless. We focus the majority of our training on safety.

What if the wind stops when I am out on the water? We will train you to use your kite to guide you back to shore under any problematic situation.

Is the water cold ? Juno Beach is on the east most shoreline and the Gulf Stream keeps the waters very warm all year long. The sea temperature averages 75 degrees in the winter and  to 82 degrees in the summer months.

What if I want to learn in smoother water? New Wave offers locally guided trips to quite sand bars with full boat support.

What is the best time of day to take lessons? Early morning is a wonderful less crowded time to be at the beach. However at times we must wait for more favorable afternoon winds.

Can anyone do this? Kiteboarding can be fun for everyone, however it is important to know your physical limits.

Our entire family wants to learn, how many can be in a class? We offer both private lessons and group lessons up to three people per instructor. If you have a large group, we can accommodate you with multiple instructors.

What type of equipment does New Wave use? We take pride in using the industries most up to date equipment from Cabrinha, NP Surf, and Kurtis eyewear. Our equipment is both safe and well maintained. We offer kites all the way from two – 17 square meters depending on the wind conditions.

How can I purchase  kiteboarding equipment? Our instructors will be more than happy to assist you in making an informed decision and purchase. New Wave does not offer kiteboarding equipment for sale. If you are interested in purchasing equipment please visit Jupiterkiteboarding.com.

How many people are in a class? We have private lessons and group lessons with a maximum of 3 people per instructor.

Serving West Palm Beach & Stuart FL