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2011 Billabong BVI Kite Jam

The BVI Kite Jam was an awesome event! In attendance was Pete Cabrinha, Kristin Boese , Shannon Best, Andre Phillip, Youri Zoon, Davey Blair, Susi Mai, Stephen Schank, Tommy Fields, Madison Van Heurck, Kris Kinn, Sander Lenten, and C. Van Heurck. I was so fortunate to have been a part of the event for the second time. It kicked off with four awesome day’s of steady trade winds of around 18- 20 knts with one day around 25 knts. Each evening after a killer session we would travel to a new place with a new party and a new theme. Including Tight and Bright, K & J, and Tribal themes. Three of the most memorable things we did were race around Richard Bransons Necker Island, a downwinder along the coast of Anegada and the party on Necker Island.
The race around Necker required two laps around the island so I chose to use my Wainman Hawaii Magnum surfboard with a quad fin setup. Things started out great for me with a speedy start but before my first tack was even completed, I managed to nail a coral head that was just beneath the surface and I lost some of my fins. I am glad the fin boxes are so strong that they did not become severely damaged. Unfortunately I was still crippled on my starboard tack and could only go up wind on my port side tack. So the race definitely took me longer but the opportunity to be there kiting around Necker made it all worth while!
After the race around Necker we traveled to the island of Anegada. The next day I participated in the Anegada Downwinder, this was my favorite day. My equipment choice for the day was the Wainman Hawaii Smoke (9mtr kite) and my 6′ Magnum. I only had one extra fin to get the Magnum up and running again so I converted it from the quad-fin setup to a thruster or (ti-fin) set up. The waves off the Anegada reef were awesome with the exception of a few gnarly coral heads that seemed to pop out of nowhere but fortunately I had learned my lesson and now knew what to look for to avoid them. The waves were chest to head high, changing constantly with each passing reef break. On the inside, the Wake-Style guy’s were throwing down with the butter flat water that was provided by the shallow outside reef I was on. When I got to the ending line (cows wreck reef) I missed it and accidentally found the best quality wave I had ever ridden. I felt Like I was in heaven, the bottom had turned in to a flat rock as apposed to jagged coral and it slowly wrapped around the end of the island making the conditions perfect for a long wrapping break. The wind was side off giving the water superior texture and I had the perfect tools for the Job. Starting at the peak, I could just park the kite and with just the right amount of pull coming from the 9mtr W.H. smoke, I was able to truly surf this magical wave. I had several waves with over twenty turns up and down the face. One of the waves I caught broke a perfect peak for around 150 yards. Needless to say I skipped lunch and spent most of the afternoon there.
Towards the end of my session I noticed a kite parked at twelve about a mile off of the leeward side of the Anegada coast. At first I thought it was a kiteboarding lesson with boat support but after about 5- 10 minutes of the kite not moving I knew something was wrong. I made my way around the reef and back into shore. The event and staff was about a mile up the beach finishing lunch but there was one gentlemen snorkeling off of his dingy near the beach. He had a VHF and called for assistance because the dinghy was low on fuel and he was concerned I would not get back and we would both be stranded out to sea. But even rescue was on island time so we decided I had better take the dingy and go get the man who by now was drifting over 2 miles out to sea. When I got to him I asked him if he was okay and he looked at me like I was crazy for even asking. I helped him get in the small boat and we packed up his kite, he had lost his board about a mile back. As we headed back we found his board and discussed the fact that he had started to think about a 7 mile body drag to the windward side of Tortolla (the next island downwind) and what kind of creatures he may encounter along the way. He was very grateful and told me “thanks for saving me, you wont have to pay for another drink this trip”.
Every night there was an awesome party but the best was the last night on Necker Island. Rebootzer detox had flown in The Dubplates and they set an awesome mood with their killer vibe and music. On the beach a massive bonfire burned so we sat around it and had a awesome dinner.  The refreshments flowed like a river on Necker and it was showing on the dance floor. They had a really enjoyable closing ceremony and called up all the pro’s and winners. I was happy to be up there and take home third place in the wave riding category. I feel so fortunate to have attended this event for the second year and I would like to thank all of my Family, Friends, Event Coordinators and Sponsors for helping me get there.  It was such an awesome opportunity to ride and party with all of these professionals in such a picturesque and perfect place. I would recommend it to anyone!

British Virgin Islands "Kite Jam"

Well it was an amazing event. Although it is unheard of in the BVI we only received one day of good wind. However we were not let down. I did not look at the forecast once, I did not care! every day was sure to impress with five star party’s, lunches and dinners all on private beaches on private islands. There were helicopters, mega yachts and celebrities around to keep the energy high. Many of the Kite Jammers brought surf boards and many said it was the best surf they had ever seen. I wish I could of kited one of those amazing point breaks. Locals were sure to brag that they do all the time. With the one day of kiting we did get the group went on a down winder. It was awesome with tons of structure offering butter flat water and plenty of stuff to jump over. I found myself stuck it the middle of a 12 by 15 ft mangrove tree. I guess I needed just a little more wind to clear that one! An accidental kite loop freed me from the branches. A local photographer said she was laughing to hard to take pictures of the mishap, too bad…. many of the pro’s found a nice 30 foot ship wreck to grind across, should of made for some awesome photo’s. The event finished with a top notch party on mosquito island full of glow sticks, dancing and plenty to drink. On the last day we sailed back to tortola avoiding massive swell. Before boarding our plane we noticed the thirty knt winds that had arrived just in time for us to leave. I will be back for sure!!!!!
-Jeremy Lund

As a competitor in the BVI Kite Jam I will be keeping you posted on happenings and results for this event. This promises to be one of the most publicized events in the history of kiteboarding. Kite Jam is open to competitors and Kiter’s of all skill levels. For updated info and to register for the event you can visit http://www.bvikitejam.com/register-now
NWK owner and lead instructor, Jeremy Lund

What is it ?

The BVI Kite Jam is a unique kiteboarding, lifestyle and sporting event presented by the BVI Tourist Board with the support of Sir Richard Branson and his world-renowned Necker Island. The stellar list of professional kiteboarders competing in the Kite Jam include Kristin Boese, Andre Phillip, Susi Mai, Tuva Jansen, Tom Court, Chris Burke, Gretta Kruesi and Madison Van Heurck. Located in the Northeast Caribbean, BVI provides the perfect weather conditions for the sport and is quickly becoming a Mecca for kiteboarders. The event itself will be held March 1-5, 2010, on flat-water playgrounds in key locations around Necker Island, the North Sound, Virgin Gorda and Anegada. It will include races and freestyle competitions, demonstrations, and technique clinics. BVI Kite Jam will kick off with a VIP party on February 27 at Fat Virgin Café with Sir Richard Branson in attendance. The party will be followed by a day of clinics on February 28 with A-list pro kiteboarders and fellow Kite Jammers!
The BVI Kite Jam will be the first five-day kiteboarding event held in the British Virgin Islands which has already attracted international riders from amateurs to pro’s and celebrities.
This high profile event will be hosted in part by Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Sir Richard is an avid rider.
Necker island will be one of the stops during the week along with five other world-class kite locations such as Anegada, The North Sound and Moskito Island.
Competitors will have the choice of spending the week onboard one of Sunsail’s sailing catamarans that will follow the event around the various locations in the British Virgin Islands. Each boat has 4 double cabins all fitted with AC. Skippers are also provided. Alternatively, riders looking for the ultimate in luxury have the option to stay on Necker Island with up to just 24 other guests and their own staff of 60!
Lunch and dinner will be provided by BVI Kite Jam taking place at different beach locations each day. All evening entertainment and parties will also be inclusive and could well be the highlight of the event!
February 27, 2010 – Participant arrivals, registration and Check it at Sunsail Base in Tortola

February 28, 2010 – The Flotilla will set sail for Necker Island, Sunset Opening Party

March 1, 2010 – Early morning free‐kiting session for first timers, late morning competition “Round Necker Island Race” for amateurs and pros; Lunch and relaxation on Necker Beach. Afternoon competition in the Eustachian Sound consisting of either heat‐run freestyle, sliders or big air depending on weather.

March 2, 2010 – Morning race to Anegada with 12 miles of thigh burning endurance rewarded with a sumptuous lunch at Pomato Point on Anegada. Alternatively, spend the afternoon onboard a catamaran for a sail following the kiters. Afternoon/evening events at Pomato Point or Cow Wreck beach take riders through mangroves and waist deep water stretching almost a mile out to sea or riders can head over to the North‐western corner for wave or freestyle action; followed by a BBQ dinner and
party at Anegada Reef Hotel.

March 3, 2010 – In the morning follow the wind west‐ward to Cow Wreck beach for the opportunity to kite through the most spectacular bay in the BVI’s known as Windlass Bight.
This bay provides a flat‐water playground and offers experienced riders good quality waves outside the reef. Lunch at the beautiful Cow Wreck beach.
Afternoon/evening event consists of a trip to West End for world‐class wave riding and/or freestyle competition at Cow Wreck; dinner and party at The Whistling Pines.

March 4, 2010 – Early morning yacht race back to the North Sound area. Free kiting on arrival followed by lunch at Bitter End Yacht Club. Afternoon/Evening includes a full afternoon of competition including fancy dress kite boarding and technique clinics with the pro’s between heats; dinner and party at the Bitter End Yacht Club.

March 5, 2010 – Morning includes more competition and technique clinics on Necker Island
followed by lunch on Necker’s Sand Spit. Afternoon/evening finals includes pro rider showdown followed by Grand Prize awards; dinner and closing party on Sir Richard Branson’s Moskito Island.

March 6, 2010 – All competitors sail back to Tortola and disembark yachts.