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  1. Everyone should know that Jeremy rocks. I have had multiple instructors for many activities and it is all about feeling comfortable while learning effectively. Jeremy’s patience level is outstanding and he knows how to get the message across. Jeremy, keep on doing what you do. You are an excellent instructor and I can tell you love to teach.
    Thanks for everything……….. Laurie

  2. Jeremy got me over the hump that was holding me back! I was having trouble understanding how kiteboarding worked the way it did. I had learned the basics at another school and they were good lessons but I was never able to understand why kiteboarding worked the way it did. Jeremy was able to give me an understanding of the foundation, therefore I was able to take that knowledge and progress to the next level. Thanks Jeremy!

    – Cathy B

  3. Hey Jeremy I had an awesome session. I was stoked to land my first big jump!!!! I cant wait for the next windy day to practice what I learned from you.
    Peace, Matt

  4. My experience with New Wave Kiteboarding was amazing! Jeremy broke down the concepts of a difficult sport in an easy way. Every time I would start to get frustrated at my kite abilities, Jeremy would patiently steer me back in the right direction. If you really want to be a successful, courteous, and confident kite surfer then I strongly recommend New Wave.

  5. Jeremy,
    Thanks for the Jumps and Rotations lesson. One of your most effective teaching methods is how you show the student how he did a move and then you show how it should be done.

    Kind of having an instant replay without a video camera.

  6. When you say “flat / shallow water training” you’ve got it right. Your Boston Whaler and your abilities with it are amazing !! I cant believe you already have me “in the air” See you soon for more lessons.. Thanks

  7. Im an older gentleman so when I wanted to learn how to kitesurf I didnt know if I was in over my head. Jeremy proved to me I was up to the challenge and when I was up and riding on my second lesson, I was determined to stick with it. Thanks Jeremy for helping me become the kiter I am today.

  8. A very Patient Person as well as Professional. One of the most happy, positive instructors I have met in a while. With A Passion for Kiteboarding and his plethora of knowledge his clients really benefit. Always concerned with the safety of his clientele makes him one of the best. To be surrounded by someone with a PURE KITEBOARDING PASSION was refreshing I just wish the entire world could surround themselves with people who have a Passion of what they do for a living . A great easy going guy to take with you for that Holiday weekend in the Keys and the guy who would keep your friends and family safe while instructing them at the same time. Jeremy man I learned a lot from you not only through kiteboarding but the way you live your life.

    RM Straubinger

  9. My 15 year old son was interested in learning to kite, so we went to a local inlet with a friend who already some kite gear. We see a few people kiting and anchor nearby. As we unload the gear, Jeremy (unknown to us at the time) comes flying by and we wave and yell hello. After a bit, we meet and I ask him if he has time to help my son. He agrees, but says since he is just meeting us, he has to start a the beginning. This gets my interest up. My son is totally absorbed. Jeremy immediately connects with my son and proceeds to teach about wind, safety, understanding the gear, and proper technique. There is no rush. At one point, my son tells me this is the “most fun” day he has ever had (and he’s been places). It’s my son’s first time kiting and he is riding back and forth! Totally amazing! Jeremy is not only the best instructor I’ve ever encountered, but he has the unique ability to share his passion and put into words exactly what you need to do. As you can imagine, we are both kiting now and hooked for life. I’ve come to regard that particular day as destiny. It will be a family memory we talk about for years to come.

  10. Jeremy is not only a great instructor, but he is a great person as well. Jeremey taugt me to kiteboard this summer and it was a very rewarding experience. He had me riding upwind in just a few lessons. He is a great ambassador for the sport teaching safety and kiting etiquette first and foremost. His enthusiam for kiteboarding is conatgious. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone that likes to have fun and wishes to learn from one of the best.

  11. Jeremy gets all the little things right. For example, I had my kite oversheeted and he helped me trim it properly. He’s also incredibly knowledgeable about the wind and wave conditions. My last lesson with Jeremy was a downwinder in 10 foot waves with gusts of 30. On that lesson I learned how to do a downloop. Two key pieces of advice he gave me was to kick my heel into my jump for better pop and to land on the downslope of a wave for a softer landing. I highly recommend him if you are getting into kitesurfing.

  12. Jeremy immediately put me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed to go from a bodydragger to a real kiteboarder. He was able to provide the perfect advice at the right times (as well as some well timed verbal “kicks-in-the-butt”) which got me consistently up, planing and manageing the kite in a single 2 hr lesson. He also corrected some bad/dangerous habits I’d been taught by previous well-meaning instructors, and explained why they were bad. The other comments in this forum are right on the mark – he is a very enthusiastic teacher, and I think his cheers of support were even louder than my own, when finally got it! Thanks for an excellent and very memorable morning, and I’d happily recommend a session with Jeremy to anyone who wants to learn the right way, and progress fast.

  13. As I began reaching my mid-life crisis, I became very interested in Kiteboarding while watching the kiters at Lake Worth beach. Javier gave me some ground classes there which were really good. I then took a class with some outfit down on Miami Beach – expensive, ratty gear, torn wet- suits and impatient instructors.

    Then Javier referred me to Jeremy. When it comes to teaching with passion and patience, Jeremy is top-notch. He had me up and running within the hour. Wasn’t pretty, but hey …. first day. Jeremy’s such an ambassador for the sport , that it is contagious. I just got off the water today with my 17-year old son. First day on the water with a board, and Jeremy and Kellen had him up and riding some fairly good runs. So he’s now hooked.

    Lastly, Jeremy’s a true professional. Not just in the sense that he competes for Wainman Hawiaan, but he is a business professional too. He returns calls and texts, follows through with anything he says he’ll do, and is always prompt, honest, courteous and energizing.

    Rock on Jeremy.

  14. I took a three hour lesson with Jeremy and his assistant and I could tell that teaching kiteboarding wasn’t his job, it was his passion. He has the best instruction method I had heard of; he was recommended to me by all the local riders. He takes all of his students to a massive sandbar allowing for instruction in a secluded area. Throughout the lesson he was super supportive, had clear instruction, and wanted nothing more than to see me up and riding. Later I emailed him with some questions about which gear I should purchase and he answered me more quickly than the business I was going to purchase the gear from. His commitment to the sport and his students was one of many reasons why I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get into the sport of kiteboarding.

  15. Jeremy knew exactly how to get me riding for the first time. He knew when to help and when not to help. His approach to teaching me was to 1) assess what I understood about kiting and what I did not know about kiting, 2) isolate riding the board while being towed by his boat from controlling the kite on the beach and 3) putting both together in shallow water allowing for multiple launch repetitions and coaching. You quickly get the sense that he has many alternatives at his disposal and he uses the combination that best suites your level of experience and ability.

    He also happens to be a really nice guy. I am going back as soon as I can and plan to be riding back home in New England this summer!

  16. I was looking for a kitesurfing school to start learning the sport and when I came upon New Wave I knew I had found the perfect school for me. Meeting Jeremy only confirmed this. His passion for the sport shows in every lesson he teaches. Going from knowing nothing in kiting or wakeboarding he was able to break down everything in an easy to learn method and I was up and riding within a few lessons.I am currently an independant rider and would recommend New Wave to anyone looking to get into the sport or to improve their riding ability.

  17. My two sons and I escaped from the North East in November for a quick trip to Florida. We worked with Jeremy to improve our kite skills and he introduced my younger son to kiteboarding.

    I had taken a couple of lesson’s when I was learning and Jeremy’s approach, expertise and attitude were far superior to the others. He got my son up on a board on his first time out, got my other son to stay up wind, and helped my lose my goofy stance. He also saved my kite from destruction when I was headed for trouble.

    I highly recommend Jeremy and New Wave Kiteboarding.


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