Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing locations Palm Beach FL

When learning to kiteboard we believe it is important to have a safe, large and distraction free environment. That is why we have chose a couple of different locations depending on the weather conditions and the students skill level . We do not teach on crowded beaches. We have found the following places to be a few of the areas best.
Hobe Sound wildlife refuge:
- good for NNW – SE winds
- good during large swell
- best spot for straight on shore winds
- small shore break
- uncrowded
- exposed and non exposed hazards such as old hurricane debre
- $5 dollar a day parking or $15 dollars a year
- no facilities or life guards for 3 miles
Juno Beach “Kite Beach”:
- good for N-NE and E-SSE winds
- 3 miles of kite friendly beach
- helpful people
- powerful small waves
- close to town
- has facilities
- can be crowded “avoid weekends”
- pier to the south
- narrow beach in places
- bad for east wind
South Juno Beach “pierless”:
- good for N-S winds
- smaller dune than kite beach
- less crowded
- lots of parking

- fresh water shower
- limited parking
- beach is always changing in size
- no one to launch or land your kite
- Pier to the north
- reef to the south
West Palm Beach
- good for south wind
- clean water
- reef break
-$2 hour parking
- crowded
- can have exposed rocks

- no fresh water

- stay south of guarded area

Lake Worth Pier

-excellent for S-SSW winds
-fresh water and facilities
-wide beach
-jet-ski rentals
-lots of parking

-hotels and large buildings on beach
-pier to the south
-$1 hour parking

For maps to the above locations and more please visit the local beaches page.

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  1. I learned to Kite at Tower 10 aka Kite Beach. It is a great place to learn because the locals are friendly and willing to offer suggestions. Jeremy is a great teacher and will not disappoint.


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