Kiteboarding Palm Beach

During the South Florida windy season which runs from September through May. Palm Beach County Beaches become a playground for Kiteboarders and Kitesurfers. Long sandy beaches and windy yet mild Winter months make Juno Beach in northern Palm Beach County one of the top 10 places in the USA to Kiteboard.

What makes all this wind:

During the Fall, Spring and Winter months, cold fronts coming down from the north pass through the area. As they pass they bring strong winds and mild or sometimes cold temperatures with them.

On a windy day most local Kiteboarders can be found at Stairway 33 on Juno Beach. Juno offers kiting for multiple skill levels however the conditions are usually most favorable for intermediate through advanced riders. Beginners need to pick their day carefully and wait for days when the waves are small and the beaches are uncrowded. However New Wave Kiteboarding offers beginner- advanced lessons. New Wave Kiteboarding will take you to non crowded areas that offer flat water and a favorable learning environment.

Other Kiteboarding beaches in Palm Beach area include:

– Lake Worth Pier.  Notes; be sure to walk well north of the guarded area and be weary of severe turbulence created by the many nearby apartments/condos

– Palm Beach. Notes; there is no fresh water nearby and parking is $2.50-5 an hour. This spot is not recommended on the weekends as it is dangerously crowded with beach goers

– Stairway 33 in Jupiter/Juno beach. Notes; do not kite in guarded areas, can have large shore break, lots of other kiters.

– Hobesound Wildlife Refuge in Martin County. Notes; Advanced to expert conditions, 3 miles from the nearest life guard, Known for being “sharky”.

– Jeremy Lund

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