A New Wave

Kiteboarding Lessons

Learn to kiteboard in Stuart, FL first hand from professionally sponsored riders with over 10,000 hours of coaching experience. This is our full time job and passion!

Learn To Kiteboard With Us

  • We have brought a new level of professionalism to the kiteboarding industry and have experience coaching for every type of student from 1st timers to advanced riders looking to learn their next trick.

  • Offering both private and group lessons, New Wave Kiteboarding takes pride in offering a program that is both safe, exciting, and informative. We teach in areas that are favorable for learning. Beginners are taught in flat, waist high water located on local sandbars, not the open ocean. Our lesson locations alone can take days off of the learning curve.

  • Private: This lesson is for a beginner or intermediate rider who would like a full private experience.

  • Semi-Private: This lesson is for beginner and intermediate riders who would like to be paired with another student for a discounted rate.

  • New Wave Kiteboarding proudly teaches on the latest top of the line equipment. We provide all of the equipment needed to comfortably learn the sport of kiteboarding, including booties and wet suits for protection.

  • We use UHF radio helmets for constant and clear communication between instructor and student. 

  • Lead Instructors are USCG Certified Captains. Boat support is offered with each lesson.


Learning To Kiteboard:

  • You will learn to read and understand wind direction, speed, and how it affects kiteboarding.
  • You will be familiarize with safety procedures and protocols, including emergency signals and equipment use.
  • You will learn how to setup and rig all necessary equipment.
  • We will reference on land lesson setup, as most of our students will be taking their skills to the beach!
  • You will learn how to safely operate and control the kite. This allows us to work on power strokes. A powers stroke uses the kites movement through the wind window to create power.
  • The wind window is an imaginary, three-dimensional area downwind of the kite where the wind propels the kite. Imagine it as a half-sphere centered around you, extending downwind.
  • Before getting on the board, we will practice body dragging in the water to get a feel for controlling the kite while being pulled through the water.
  • Body dragging is essential to retrieve your board or get to safety if needed.
  • A water start in kiteboarding refers to the technique of getting up on the kiteboard from a floating position in the water and transitioning to riding with the kite's power.
  • Riding upwind on a kiteboard is the ability to navigate in a direction against the wind, allowing a kiteboarder to make progress upwind or against the wind's force.
  • This skill is crucial in kiteboarding as it enables riders to control their trajectory, explore different areas on the water, and eventually return to their starting point or desired location.

Beginner to Advanced

Let us take you through the steps of learning to kiteboard all the way up to learning crazy kite loops and extreme freestyle tricks. We will guide you through each step of the kiteboarding journey, from beginner level to mastering advanced freestyle tricks and mind-blowing kite loops.

Already An Experienced Kiter?

Ride along with us on a windy day with or without equipment.

Kiteboarding Gear Rental

We are now offering a full kiteboarding equipment rental service. Choose your favorite Cabrinha kite, board and other gear to get on the water during your trip to Florida.