The New 03 Cabrinha Drifter - Tech Talk

Introducing the all-new Cabrinha Drifter design for the 03 season. Cabrinha took a fresh approach, revamping every aspect of the kite while retaining the beloved traditional drifter DNA that makes it a popular choice for down-the-line wave riding.

So, what's new in terms of tech specs?

  1. New Lightweight Dacron: The Drifter now features lightweight 140g Dacron material for the inflated parts, resulting in considerable weight savings along with the use of lighter bladders.
  1. Bi-Directional Pure Profile: The kite incorporates a bi-directional, pure profile panel, optimizing the transition between the segmented leading edge and the natural shape of the kite, enhancing performance.
  1. More Lively and Playful Design: Compared to previous versions, the new Drifter boasts a livelier and more playful design. It has a leaner profile and is less grunty, yet it maintains ample low-end power. The turning speed is significantly faster, allowing for easy power generation when needed.

Available Sizes:

The 03 Drifter comes in a range of sizes, from 4m to 13m.

Enhanced Wave Riding Abilities:

The combination of turning speed, direct and pivot steering, and good drift for down-the-line riding ensures an excellent wave riding experience. The kite achieves the right balance of power and bridal positioning, making it suitable for offshore winds and allowing it to drift effortlessly.

Improved Construction:

Cabrinha has gone the extra mile in constructing the new Drifter. Lighter materials have been integrated, while the internal design profiles, arch shape, and bridals have been reimagined. The kite now uses a foam, flexible mini batton instead of rigid mini vans, adding to its durability and surf-worthiness.

Enhanced Steering Impulse:

The Drifter features a more direct and firm steering impulse, providing a responsive feel in your hands while maintaining light bar pressure, giving you constant awareness of the kite's position even when not visually focused on it.

Shorter and Pullyless Bridle:

The 03 Drifter comes with a significantly shorter and pullyless bridal, reducing the risk of getting tangled around the wingtip during wave maneuvers. This new bridal design enhances reliability, durability, and offers a fast and direct steering response.

Overall, while the new Drifter boasts a ground-up redesign, it retains the familiar feel of the older Drifter models. Riders of previous Drifter versions will feel right at home with this upgraded kite. Cabrinha has invested extensive effort in ensuring top-notch construction, resulting in super consistent and reliable kites. The 03 Drifter promises to elevate your wave riding experience to new heights.

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